Robin Hood

Robin Hood 2019

By Thomas O’Leary


Our Panto opens with us being introduced to our new friends Barny the Bear and Blossom the Fairy. They are here to guide us through the magical Panto of Robin Hood. Hey it’s set in Sherwood Forest and Bears and Fairies live in the forest right? They are great fun and friends to the audience throughout this adventure.

They tell us that our story begins in the village of Nottingham where Good King Richard has left England to travel to the Holy lands on a cruise, or crusade or something and in his absence Prince John is holding the throne. Prince John unfortunately has the intelligence and maturity of a five year old and is being manipulated by his Mother and the Evil Sheriff of Nottingham. These two are bad news, they are selfish and greedy and inflict terrible rules and ridiculous taxes on the people.

Luckily the people have a saviour, a hero to save the day and that saviour is Robin Hood, what a guy. Robin and his gang featuring such well known outlaws as Little John, Will “Scarlet” and young Alan of Ferndale along with Friar Tuck fight continuously against the evil Sheriff and his cronies to help the poor. Robin Hood robs from the rich and gives back to the poor. Unfortunately the love of Robin’s life, the fair Maid Marian, is a ward of Prince John and along with her hand maiden the feisty Maid Mavis, lives in the palace with all the rotten baddies.

As the show begins the Sheriff and his assistants, Ban Gardaí Niamh agus Nuala, have been humiliated by Robin and his gang of Merry Men once more.

When the Sheriff retreats to the palace, himself and the secret love of his life Mumsie (Prince John and King Richards old croon of a mother) plan how to defeat Robin Hood and then overthrow Prince John, seizing power for themselves. They enlist the help of a hired sword called Sir Guy of Gisborne and set up a duelling contest knowing that Robin Hood won’t be able to resist, then they will have their chance to capture him.

As predicted Robin turns up at the duelling contest despite the warnings of Maid Marian and he is captured by the Sheriff as Sir Guy wins the hand of Maid Marian by coming out on top in the duelling contest.

Now the Merry Men and all our friends must come up with a plan to gate crash the Royal Birthday Party slash Wedding slash execution of Robin Hood and save Robin and Marian from the fate in store for them.

With lots of sword fights, singing, dancing, terrible jokes and out of place local humour this adventure is sure to be a hit with all the family, so look out Wexford – Here comes Robin Hood!


Robin (M) Singer – Our hero, a swashbuckling, confident to the point of arrogant, can be a bit stupid, but a good guy. Very kind and loving, stands up for the downtrodden.

Maid Marian (F) Singer – Our female lead, she appears to be a damsel in distress but the minute she opens her mouth you know this girl doesn’t need rescuing, she can handle herself. She is madly in love with Robin but certainly doesn’t need him to protect her, in fact she might even save the day. Hurrah and go Girl!

Little John (M) – Big strong man! Serious and professional about being a Merry Man, likes to do things by the book and often pulls the others into line.

Maid Mavis (M or F) – Marian’s best friend, a man mad damsel dying to be in distress so she can be rescued, she is loud and crude and not afraid to say what she thinks.

Alan of Ferndale (M) – A Wexford take on the traditional merry man from the legend, He’s a hurl wielding, Wexford speaking, rissole eating, bag of cans man.

Will “Scarlet” (M) – “Scarlet for ya”, Will is a Dub. He is a bit of a gangster and has difficulty with the whole giving to the poor part of the arrangement. Nidge in tights.

Friar Tuck (M) – Is a jovial old chap, old English Vicar come Friar, he is friendly and fun to be around, a bit fond of the ale.

The Sheriff of Nottingham (M) Singer – A nasty piece of work, he is arrogant and proud, he is sharp tongued and cruel. Quick to attack and shows little mercy. Well spoken English wit.

Prince John (M) – Prince John should not have been left in charge of a tricycle let alone a country, he has the intellect and mannerisms of a five year old. Large, excitable overgrown child, doesn’t care what happens as long as he gets to have his birthday party.

Guy of Gisborne (XXL M) – The strong and silent type, needs to be large and opposing and able to swing a sword but need to learn lines is not required.

Niamh & Nuala (F) – A double act, instead of royal guards, the sheriff has employed two Ban Gardaí. Good strong Irish Country Women.

Mumsie or Gertrude (M or F) Singer – Prince John & King Richard’s Mother, Now a withered old hag, she is ugly and annoying, but the Sheriff and she are madly in love. (Barf) She is clever and evil, together they manipulate Prince John and plan to gain power for themselves.

Barny (A bear) (M) Singer – Obviously if you go into the woods you are going to meet a big friendly funny bear. While they are low on the billing of characters Barny and Blossom are very important characters that sing, dance and are the Narrators and friends to the audience, they also interact into the story and become great friends to the kids.

Blossom (A Fairy) (F) Singer – What’s a trip into the woods without a fairy to guide you. Blossom is a fun fairy and a double act with Barny. Together they engage the audience and move the story along. Friendly and fun.

King Richard (M) – Some really important person playing a rock hard cameo.


Robin Hood – Stephen Byrne
Maid Marian – Niamh Cullen
The Sheriff of Nottingham – Neal O’Leary
Mumsie – Robbie Duggan White
Maid Mavis – Linda Hynes
Prince John – Dylan Walsh
Little John – Barry Wadding
Alan of Ferndale – Mick Farrell
Will Scarlet – Brandon Cogley
Friar Tuck – Craig Healy
Niamh – Jeannette Sidney Kelly
Nuala – Ruth Donegan
Sir Guy of Gisborne – Martin Conway
Barny the Bear – Chris Doyle
Blossom the Fairy – Jane Kent

Vicky Clancy

Vicky Clancy

Musical Director

Vicky is a professional clarinet and saxophone player and teacher. She made her panto debut as a member of the orchestra in the 1994 production of Cinderella and has played in and directed many panto productions since then.

Thomas O’Leary

Thomas O’Leary


Thomas has been heavily involved with Wexford Pantomime Society for over twenty-five and is our current Artistic Director, having produced & directed all of our productions since 2003 (and wrote most of them too!)

Suzanne OLeary

Suzanne OLeary


Suzanne O'Leary has been resident choreographer with Wexford Pantomime Society since 1989 and has received an honorary award for years dedicated to the Society.

Mark Redmond

Mark Redmond

Set Design / Lighting

Marks involvement with the stage began with the stage crew of Wexford Pantomime Society where he was first coached in lighting by the late Kevin Doyle and he has remained involved since.