Cinderella’s Character List is Here!!!

Cinderella Character List

Cinderella – A young, kind and very beautiful person. She is likeable and nice to everyone. She has a sad side that sometimes comes out as she misses her father and is put upon by her stepmother and sisters.

Buttons – Buttons is Cinderella’s best friend. He is the footman to the house and works for Cinderella’s stepmother. Buttons is everyone’s best friend but he’s not too keen on Cinderella’s stepmother or her two sisters. He is energetic, funny, often over-the-top and a little bit crazy.

Griselda – Ugly Sister – She is the bigger and stronger of the two sisters. Character-wise she is smarter and more manipulative. She is also posh and self-obsessed.

Amnesia – Ugly Sister – Amnesia is quite simply not all that bright. She is funnier and sillier than her sister. She still believes she is very beautiful and also loves herself but she definitely plays second fiddle to her sharper, snappier sister.

The Evil Stepmother – A strong upper-class lady, well-spoken and dignified. She married Cinderella’s father after Cinderella’s mother died making her Cinderella’s stepmother and the ugly sisters Cinderella’s stepsisters. She has no real love for Cinderella and can be cruel and unkind but never loses her temper. She is shrewd, manipulative and evil to the core but hides this side of her extremely well.

Pippa the Cat – Pippa is the house cat. She is a great friend to Cinderella, Buttons and the audience but no one else knows that she can talk. She is a funny, loveable friend to all.

Prince Will Charming – A young, handsome, energetic hero. He is a friendly and likeable guy, who appreciates all he has but has a strong will of his own. “Strong-willed is Will” loves his family but questions the monarchy and the law that says he must marry the appropriate person and not for love.

The Prince’s Aides – The Prince has three friends who are hired by his father the King as Royal Aides to look after him. These three are basically a comedy double act, but with one more addition, making them a comedy treble act.

Benjamin – He is the sharpest of the three and the self-decided leader and first hand to the prince. He is bossy, but still funny. He is kept busy keeping the other two in order.

Barny – He is the funny one and he thinks everything is a joke. He knows he has a sweet job and enjoys all things in life. He is quick with a joke or to vanish off to the bookies or pub.

Sid – Is the royal trumpet bearer and uses his trumpet regularly at the wrong time. He is totally chilled out and laid back, a little bit “out of it man” the whole time.

Dandini – The Royal Advisor to the King – A nice but strict old gentleman who works as the King’s right-hand man. He thus spends his time trying to guide the Prince and keep order on his aides. He is posh and well spoken, can get very flustered and overwhelmed but is generally has a good heart that only wants the best for everyone.

King Philip – The king of the land. He was once a Prince who fell in love with Sleeping Beauty and after they were wed they had one son whom they called William. The King is strong and brave, as he was as prince. He does like order and rules though, and is worried by his son’s often wayward thinking.

Queen Aurora – The Queen is, of course, Aurora of Sleeping Beauty fame. She is still very nice and kind and she has more understanding and sympathy for her son.

The Fairy Godmother – She is elegant, beautiful, and refined-just as you would imagine. She is well-spoken and kind. Sometimes her temper is tested by her young student, but overall she is a lady.

Glitter Knicks – (The Fairy Godmother’s Student) – The Fairy Godmother is playing a mentoring role and has a student shadowing her. Her student is not elegant and beautiful as she should be. She is young and inexperienced, a fairy in training on her last chance from the powers that be. She is funny, likeable, comedy gold ensues as she tries her very best to help her tutor and Cinderella.

The Narrator – A well-spoken old gent who beautifully sets up our story and then returns at the end to finish off proceedings.