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Wexford Pantomime Society’s 50th Anniversary Production

Ella lives with her evil stepmother and two ugly sisters. Her father has passed away and her stepmother has very little time for her, caring only for her other two daughters. Ella has been reduced to a servant in the house and indeed spends all her time in the kitchen – cooking, washing and cleaning out the fire and thus she has been renamed Cinderella. Her best friend Buttons still knows her as Ella though. He is the footman to the house and along with Pippa, the house cat is Ella’s only friend. Ella is not allowed to leave her kitchen but some days she sneaks into the village. As the show opens she is on one of her adventures to the very same village.

Meanwhile, Prince Will Charming is also fed up. His father, the King, and his mother, the Queen, insist on him behaving like a prince and are anxious for him to settle down with a lady of appropriate standing. The king’s advisor, Dandini, and the Prince’s three royal aides Benjamin, Barny and Sid try to keep order on the young prince but they have their work cut out as once again, the prince has absconded from the palace and is on his way towards the village.

In the village square, our heroine Ella bumps into Prince Will. They are both disguised and on the run. The evil stepmother enters and reprimands Ella but the Prince unveils himself to defend her. In shock, Ella flees the scene but not before the Prince has fallen madly in love with her.

Back in the palace, the King is not happy with the Prince and insists that he marry and settle down. The Queen suggests a ball be held for him to meet his lady. The prince agrees but sends his aides out to deliver invitations to every girl in the kingdom in the hope of finding the mysterious girl who stole his heart.

Back in Cinderella’s house, her stepmother is not happy with her for what happened in the village. When the royal aides deliver the invitations to the ball, Cinderella’s stepmother tells her she cannot go and tears up her invitation.

Ella and Pippa are left alone and heartbroken. All seems lost but in true fairy tale fashion, magic ensues as Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother appears. She is accompanied by Glitter Knicks, a trainee fairy on a JobBridge scheme. Between them both, they eventually magic Cinderella into a stunning ball gown and send her on her way to the ball in a beautiful golden carriage.

Act Two opens at the ball where everyone is enjoying themselves except Prince Will because the girl he loves is nowhere to be seen. His dreams finally come true, however, when the beautiful Cinderella arrives at the palace. He and Cinderella dance all night long. Glitter Knicks hastily arrives at the ball as unfortunately, she forgot to tell Cinderella the magic wears off at midnight. Panic ensues as the clock strikes twelve bells and Cinderella flees from the ball. She leaves not a trace but her glass slipper which is found by none other than Prince Will himself. He states that he will try this slipper on every girl in the Kingdom and the foot it fits shall be his wife.

Meanwhile, Cinderella in her distress has run into the Enchanted Fairy-Tale Forest. She runs deep into the forest getting lost. Everything becomes dark and scary and all seems lost until she meets a friendly face in the form of Mother Goose- the guardian of Fairy Stories. Suddenly all is saved as Cinderella finds herself surrounded by many familiar faces from past Pantos and fairy stories. All her fairy story friends join together for a big musical number before sending Cinderella back on the road to safety.

Cinderella arrives home and is once again in big trouble with her evil stepmother but is interrupted when the Prince arrives at the door.  The ugly sisters lock Cinderella away and Prince Will tries the glass slipper on the ladies of the house, praying to God that it doesn’t fit any of them. It doesn’t, luckily, and he turns to leave but is stopped by the magical appearance of Glitter Knicks who points him towards Cinderella. The slipper fits, Prince Will recognizes Cinderella and true love wins the day.

And with a song or two and a happy heart, we wrap up our magical story of Cinderella and Wexford Pantomime Society’s 50th Anniversary production.